Monday, December 27, 2004

Inappropriate posts.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Internet shopping

I know this is late for you Christmas shopping, but I found Froogle a very helpful asset to my internet searching for Christmas presents ( is good too). They were the way to do economical online shopping. While you do your shopping try to only order from place that you know to be reliable, or check their rating out on epinions. Beware of the fraudy companies. Internet shopping is always a risk, but many times you can get good deals too! Enjoy this Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas

PS Did you know that Holiday comes from two words, "Holy" and "day?" Next time someone says to you, "Happy Holidays" say something like this, "Yes Christmas is a HOLY day"

Jesus is the reason for the season!

We wish you...

…a Merry Christmas.

As you finish up your Christmas celebrations, remember JESUS, the reason for the season!

Yours Truly:
The Chesapeake Cove Staff

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas traditons.

What are your Christmas traditions? Or do you have any? I know as a Scandinavian I have more traditional cookies and such than most others do. We also have created traditions as a family, i.e. having a family argument over which tree to get (this tradition was broken this year). Do you have a tradition for when to open your presents? Christmas day or Christmas Eve? Or do you even give gifts at all? All these tradition are little things compared to why we celebrate CHRISTmas. Jesus' birth is the reason for the season. Do your traditions reflect the reason for the season? It is not bad to have traditions that don't, but it is always good to remember Jesus in at least some of your traditions. We always only put Christ centered decorations on our tree; we also as a tradition do an advent wreath, most nights. Also during the year we often invite neighbors over for advent wreath and we sing the Christmas hymns. Think about it. Can you make your traditions more Christ centered?


How is it that we are so often overwelmed with kittens? Right now, after our two cats had 6 kittens (that lived) a piece we have an over-abundance of kittens. We try to keep ourselves down to 2 cats, but right now we have 5 growing kittens, eating LOTS of food. WE are wanting homes for them. Right now we have an adoption agency helping us (the one my brother made up on the spur of the moment), but as of yet, we still have 5 around. If you would like a kitty, feel free to email me and I should be able to get you one as long as you come to pick it up. They would be great Christmas presents!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gorilla wake?

Do animals need closure too? Well, according to the Brookfield zoo they do! After a recent death of the lead female gorilla, the zoo keepers had a "wake" for the remaining gorillas. Strange, eh? You can go here for more info.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Can you trust the French security?

The French recently in a training exercise placed explosives in a passenger's luggage, and had their dogs search for it. One of the dogs did not find its explosives, and that piece of luggage was lost, going onto one of 90 airplanes that left the airport that evening. Are you going to feel secure next time you fly though France??? I don't know if I would! Thankfully, though, the French Prime Minister outlawed the practice. You can learn more about this episode here.


Well, this year, after just taking hunter's safety, my older brother and me had the opportunity to go deer hunting in the earlier T zone and the Thanksgiving week 9-day season (called deer killing season by our Canadian cousins). It was our privilege to exercise our 2nd amendment rights on those days. We are also planning on hunting again in the upcoming deer season. I hope in this upcoming season I will have the privilege of getting my first deer. I did hit a deer in the 9-day season, but it got away without leaving a blood trail, and was tagged a day later by another hunter.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


My gourds did not do so well. They are only 65" long. I hope I can get better next year! We are having a freeze tonight, in which I expect the plants to die, but hopefully not the gourds! I know I have a brother who has a 850# Pumpkin. It did alright for how bad the year was. He was hoping for better! Watermelons did very bad. We haven't harvested a ripe one yet! Carrots did alright. Tomatoes did too well. Peppers were great! Sold a bunch to a store. I hope to be able to blog more now!

Monday, August 30, 2004

The mess of plaster!

I have just recently begun redoing my room. In doing so I had to tear off one whole wall of plaster. It was a mess. After going through that work, I was glad that I would be able to patch up the rest of the room with db90 (a material similar to sheetrock mud that does not shrink and is much stronger that mud.) I would guess that any of you who have had the pleasure of ripping off bad plaster, would agree with be that tearing off plaster is a mess not to be trifled with unless under dire straits.

Saturday, August 07, 2004


I thought it was "altogether fitting and proper that we [I] should do this” first post on my blog. These words of Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address just fit this moment of starting my new blog as I was deciding if I should begin by posting. As you now see I have begun. Although by this blog's title you would think that it will be a dog blog, it will not be. I named it because of my passion for this breed, but I actually still do not have a Chessie. This will be anything that comes to mind.
Posting later.