Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas traditons.

What are your Christmas traditions? Or do you have any? I know as a Scandinavian I have more traditional cookies and such than most others do. We also have created traditions as a family, i.e. having a family argument over which tree to get (this tradition was broken this year). Do you have a tradition for when to open your presents? Christmas day or Christmas Eve? Or do you even give gifts at all? All these tradition are little things compared to why we celebrate CHRISTmas. Jesus' birth is the reason for the season. Do your traditions reflect the reason for the season? It is not bad to have traditions that don't, but it is always good to remember Jesus in at least some of your traditions. We always only put Christ centered decorations on our tree; we also as a tradition do an advent wreath, most nights. Also during the year we often invite neighbors over for advent wreath and we sing the Christmas hymns. Think about it. Can you make your traditions more Christ centered?

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