Friday, December 02, 2005

Sorry no blogging!

I apologize for not blogging. I have been so busy with school, I have completely forgotten about blogging. I am afraid I won't be able to blog much until Christmas break now. Make sure you check out my brother's blog Wild Wisconsin!

Here is my deer I got on Thanksgiving Day: a nice 9-point. It is a 4-5 year old with a 16.5" spread, and 6.5" tines. It came to within 7ft before I shot! I was leaning against a tree, and I was upwind of it, with a 30 mph wind, so it did not see or smell me. It is a deer I am proud of! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005

Brother in Madison

My Bro is in Madison, right now. He has been interning there for a state senator, Tom Reynolds (senate page). Look at his blog here for updates on things happening down there.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Sorry no blogging!

I apologize for not blogging, but my i-net has been down. I will give you a quick update on things around here. Coffee is doing well. She knows how to sit, stay, and I am working on down. My long gourd is planted in the garden, and I am going to try direct seeding one outside today. I'll try to blog later.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Apple now has "Intel inside!"

Apple is planing to switch its processors in its laptops to Intel processors. This is in an effort to make more affordable laptops. I wonder what Mac fanatics will think of this!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here is an updated piucture of Coffee reading. Actually she was sitting on my knee, while I was reading, when my brother snapped this shot. Posted by Hello

Here is my long gourd seedling. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano Acquitted

I consider this a good thing. I think it is only right that we back up our servicemen. I know it has been said that is was our of spite, but from what I have read, it seems to have been out of self defense. I definitely would like to commend him for reenlisting after 9/11. I also have to say that his record shows he was generally VERY kind to Iraqis. I believe the decision to acquit him was the right decision!

Source News 14 Carolina. Here is their article.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Me and my brother going over the first pitch of May ledges, a three foot drop off. I am the front paddler. It was a fun trip! I never tipped, but all of the rest did. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Gone Canoing!

I am going canoing with four of my siblings, and two friends today. We are going up to the Bois Brule River, in Northern Wisconsin. No we are not taking Coffee, even though she might enjoy it! We will be back Tuesday. I hope to be able to tell you how it goes!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Here are the kittens, free to anyone who will take one! They will be ready on the 30th of this month. Posted by Hello

Kittens for sale ready for a good home, Free!

We have kittens to give away! Want one? They are to give away to anyone! You just need to come by our house to pick them up! I'll try posting a picture!

This is a picture of Coffee by our creek. Shortly after she got right on in. Posted by Hello

Name of dog!

I have decided to name my dog Coffee (actually Cafe con Leche which is means coffee with milk in Spanish), but I will call her Coffee. I hope to get some pictures posted, if I can figure out how to do it!

Friday, May 20, 2005

New puppy!

I got a new puppy yesterday. No name yet It is a female Chessie! I will keep you posted. If you have any good ideas for names feel free to post them as comments!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Its spring--garden time!

We are now starting to plant our garden! I need to plant carrots soon, and will also be planting my long gourds soon. We have beets, onions, lettuce, radishes, and a few herbs. Spring for me is a fun, but VERY busy time, especially while I am still doing school! Also, for all of you here in western Wisconsin waiting for strawberries, the plants are up, looking pretty good! I have also been out at the strawberry fields a lot too. Here is the web site where you should be able to get info on when picking begins, and I will also keep you posted!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II dies

Pope John Paul II died today, at age 84 after 26 years of being pope. He was considered the most traveled pope. He was also considered the 3rd biggest factor contributing to the collapse of communism (President Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher considered the two biggest). He has greatly affected the world, for many years.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo dies

Terri Schiavo has just died. This case at its best is suicide, and at the worst MURDER. I know this may sound extreme, but there are still possibilities of abuse by Michael Schiavo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

No more Earn-A-Buck!

Hurray! No more Earn-A-Buck! Earn-A-Buck is every hunter nightmare, and it will be no more!!!!! Hurray! Now I will explain what Earn-A-Buck. Earn-A-Buck is when you have to shoot a doe before you can earn the privilege to shoot a buck. It makes a hunter less limited if Earn-A-Buck is not in place. I think hunters already have WAY to many laws! I am glad Earn-A-Buck is gone!

Hat tip: Wild Wisconsin

Sorry no blogging!

I am very sorry I have been unable to blog! My school had not permitted me. I will try whenever my school permits to blog, but that will be sporadic.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hunting foreign species of animals

Right now a hunter is pushing that feral (wild) cats be considered "fair game." Personally I am all for it. What he is pushing is that they should be considered an "unprotected species," which means you need a small games license to hunt them. I think this is a step in the right direction, but think we need to go farther still, and make them fair game for ANY person to shoot. I am no cat hater, but I think any animal our of place is free game. Now realize that when I say animal, I mean wildlife, and not humans! Humans are completely different. Innocent humans should be protected at all costs from death. I also say that sparrows, mice, rats, starlings, and some more should also be put on the same list as feral cats should be. I think those I mentioned should be fair game, and you should not legally have to have a licence to hunt them. I hope to be able to shoot feral cats in this upcoming hunting year.

Hat tip: Standards & Grudges

Still offering gmail invites!

Hey, I still have gmail invites for all who want one! Feel free to email me for one! Email me here!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Attack on life in Michigan

The Michigan life definition act is under fire by the courts. Thankfully, this act which calls a baby a person as soon as any part of it is out of the mother's body, has a good chance of standing up to the courts, because it does not make abortion illegal, but just defines when a person becomes a person. This does prevent partial birth abortions, causing Planned Parenthood (Planned BARENhood) to say it may endanger the life of the mother. Now, what about the young mother's (the baby being aborted, in the case of it being a girl) life, why don't they ever think of that?

Via: and Wild Wisconsin

View their articles Wild Wisconsin Life Site News

Letting felons vote?

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry want to pass a law to let felons vote! This is atrocious, and blatantly against the 2nd section of the 14th amendment. (View here) There does appear to be arterial motives for this legislation, though. Poles have shown that felons overwhelmingly vote democratic in elections. Wonder why they are proposing this? Now, if they let felons vote, will they also allow them to own arms?

View the article on this at Opinion Journal and Wild Wisconsin
Hat tip: Wild Wisconsin and Opinion Journal

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Hi, it is me again. I hope to start blogging again on Monday. My hand is getting better, so I can type now. I would really like to thank my brother for being so kind as to post on my blog, even with his busy schedule. I would suggest that you send him an email (here) thanking him for blogging, and visit his blog here. I appreciate your bearing with my little blogging!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Simmons Says

No more death penalty for minors. (In Roper v. Simmons)

Continuing a trend intent on undermining US sovereignty, Justice Kennedy said, "It is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of international opinion against the juvenile death penalty..."

Continuing a trend of selective polls for judicial decisions Kennedy concluded, "our society views juveniles ... as categorically less culpable than the average criminal."

To his credit, Justice Scalia hammers out the real reason for the decision in his descent: "The Court says in so many words that what our people's laws say about the issue does not, in the last analysis, matter: 'In the end our own judgment will be brought to bear on the question of the acceptability of the death penalty. The Court thus proclaims itself sole arbiter of our nation's moral standards."

So in my last analysis we have decided against juvinile death penalty becasue we have become subjected to the laws of other nations and the application of what a few unelected people perceives as the direction of society.

And this is what the Dems are threatening to shut the gov't over if they can't sustain these types of judges. Great.


Monday, February 28, 2005

Mouse Hunting

Mr. Chessie was largely responsible for the research for this post so I will post it here as well. -Lucas

I don't know of any other word except one to describe this law: CRAZY!

Mr. Chessie was worried that I couldn't pop the .22 at the sparrows outside the front door without a small games license, so he inquired at the DNR website what the status of the law was (here). According to the law, it appeared that you could not hunt "any animal" without a license.

In response to the question: [Is it] legal to hunt rats, mice, sparrows, and starlings without a small games license? Jon M. King a recreational safety warden responded: "Yes you do need a license to hunt Sparrows, Starlings, mice and rats according to the regulations. As a land owner or occupant you are limited to hunting beavers, fox, coyotes, raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits, and squirrels year round."

Now you might wonder about what the definition of the word "hunt" means, but potentially this means that you can't dispose of that pesky little mouse that keeps bothering you in your apartment on main street. That is, unless you have a small games license.

And those sparrows in the trees? Nope. Not legal they say to take a crack at them our here in the country without that license and the hunter's safety course that is required to for the license.

The talk at the table this evening was over mouse traps and poison. Do they qualify as "hunting" as well?

I try to be above the law in all areas, but this law could really stretch a person's patience.

Being Hands

Mr. Chessie has had his hand smashed cutting wood today and cannot type so I will be guest blogging while he is gone.


Topped 100 hits!

Yeah! I topped 100 hits! a small milestone, but not bad for just a few weeks! Enjoy your week!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Three week stay in Terri Schiao case.

A small victory. Judge Greer put a three week stay on the starving and dehydration of Terri Schiavo. It is a small victory. We now need to be in prayer for the higher courts' decisions. We must save the life of all innocent! Be in Prayer!

Actually it is a three week stay with an order that the tube should be removed on March 18th.

Terri Schiavo

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is set for removal today, as the staying order of Judge Greer is set to end today. Be in prayer. I personally think this is a good time for the executive and legislative branch to stand up against the judicial branch, in a proper way. I appreciate how much Governor Jeb Bush has done. Be sure to thank him.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Its time to stand up for Terri Schiavo!

Here is a letter to the editor sent to the National Ledger written by a retired sheriff. I thought he had it right! Terri Schiavo is a common citizen, and so should be treated like one! Convicted criminals on death row, are even treated better! We need to stand up for Terri Schiavo! Here is a blog that is all on Terri Schiavo. Blogs for Terri Check it out!

Here is the Letter Be sure to read it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gmail invites available!

Feel free to ask me for a gmail invite! I have a lot of them! If you want one post a comment with your email address and name, or email me directly, and I will try to send you one! You can learn more about gmail here.

Wisconsin politics!

My brother is in the capitol right now, blogging from the capitol. Check his blog (Wild Wisconsin) to see the interesting things that are going on right now!

Small victory in Terri Schiavo case

There is a small victory in the Terri Schiavo case. Justice George Greer has put a staying order on her means of life being removed, and has ordered that Terri Schiavo's feeding tube be left in until the next hearing goes through tomorrow. This is a small hope for the Schindlers who have been fighting to keep their daughter alive, for many years now. Be in prayer for the final outcome! More on this story here.
Also check out Blogs for Terri

Yeah, TEXAS!

Way to go Texas! Keep it up! Texas is continuing the long uphill battle against the anti-lifers. The Texas legislature has passed a strong parental consent bill, which requires parental consent before any minor gets an abortion. Only six states do not have a parental consent laws, but Texas' new law has narrowed the former loop-hole. Great job Texas! Keep it up! Hear the anti-lifers scream here! It is good to hear them scared!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Back-door taxing!

Here in Wisconsin we are going through some backdate taxing! Our spend (democratic) governor, Doyle, is raising the fees! He is raising vehicle registration fees, fishing fees, and nearly all hunting fees by substantial amounts! He said on his campaign trail that he would not raise taxes, but now he is doing backdate taxes, raising the fees, and using the extra money those departments make to fund all his programs! I think we as blogs must bring this to the forefront! I think we need to keep the governor accountable to the words he says, and not let him get away with raising fees to fund his programs! I say, a tax by any other name still smells sour! (pun intended!) All taxes give government too much control! Our government has put its dirty hands into to many bags, giving it improper control! More or expanded government programs spell trouble!

Here is a .pdf link to Doyle's plan for increased hunting and fishing fees. (view as HTML)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Primary Results: Update 1

OK The results are in. Still yet unofficial, as they are uncanvased, but here are the numbers. Chris Smith*-397 votes, Maragret Jess Breisch*-370 votes, Mike Cady#-303 votes, Tom Jorgensen#-264 votes, Bill Rieger*#-262 votes, and Tammy Schneider-183 votes. Also the two that got knocked off, Nathan McNaughton-177 votes and Judith Hayducsko-157 votes. All three of our supported candidates got in, thanks to the homeschooled vote. OK returns, we can hope for better in the elections.

(*) denotes incumbent
(#) denotes supported candidates

Primary results.

Tom Jorgensen and Mike Cady both made it past the primaries. I do not know yet about the rest. For superintendent of public instruction, it will be Greg Underheim against Elizabeth Burmaster. I will post more as I find out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Good job Iraqi security!

Iraqi security forces, just attacked and drove off an ambush of forty terrorists, and sent them in flight to a school. Now, how many of you have hear this on the msm (main stream media)? Shouldn't they be reporting all the good news? Read more here!

Hat tip: Small Town Veterans via Brainpost

Flu shots may not work, any surprise?

There have been studies that show flu shots may not work. Does that surprise you? Not I! Check it out here.

Hat tip: Wild Wisconsin

Don't forget to vote

This is a reminder to vote. Today is the day of the Wisconsin primary. Vote today. Your vote helps keep our democratic-republic going! VOTE!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Tomorrow is the non-partisan primary for Wisconsin. There will be a state-wide superintendent primary. For that I will now back Greg Underheim. I will also fully back Tom Jorgansen, Mike Cady, and Bill Rieger, for Menomonie school board. Please Vote tomorrow, February 15th!

Gun Safety

I am a hunter, and a strong 2nd Amendment Rights supporter, but it irks me when others practice unsafe handling of guns. I really do not appreciate any gun, loaded or unloaded, BB gun, 12 gauge, 44 mag, or 7mm, being pointed at me, or being shot at a steel post. I think we just need more common sense, to realize that when you shoot at a solid metal object, you do not know where your bullet will end up! I also do not appreciate those that shoot over roads, for two reasons: 1. It is illegal. That in itself is reason enough! 2. You may not notice a car coming up, and may badly damage it, not to mention harming the occupants! I am glad that we have the right to bear arms, but can we use them in an appropriate manner so we do not loose that right? Please do, for the sake of us hunters, and for the sake of the safety of your fellow citizens!

Site Meter!

Notice the site meter at the bottom of the page! This will help both you and me keep track of the people visiting my page! It will be fun to see how many hits a day I get!

Bombing in Manila!

This recent bombing really strikes close to home, as I have a sister who will be there tomorrow, and in Manila at that! There were three bombings, one was in the Gaisano mall in southern General Santos city. At the same time, one went off in Davao, which is also in the southern Philippines. The third went off an hour later in Manila, blowing up a buss travelling on a busy highway. You can learn more about the bombings here.


Hurray! We got snow! The bum thing is we only got 3 inches. It is interesting how we have gotten less snow the last few years than other years! I hope we can get more snow! It would be nice to get a good old fashioned winter, with 3+ feet of snow! I know some people don't like the snow, but I like it to play in, I like it as it makes it feel like winter, and I like how it covers all the dull ground with pure whiteness that reminds us of God's washing our sins away! Let's pray for more snow in the years to come!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Notice the new easier way for commenting! Blogger has just made it easier! You don't need to have a blogger account to post, now you can post under your own name, and put in your web site if you have one. Go ahead and try out the new commenting under this post.

Non-partisan Primary!

There is a school board and superintendent of public instruction primary this Tuesday, February 15th. Make sure you vote! There are eight candidates running for school board, and it will have to whittled down to six. There seem to be only two of the three incumbants running. I know I can endorse Mike cad, and Tom Jorgensen. I have talked with both, and both are strongly for lower taxes, and pinching pennies, as well as open to teaching alternative methods of origin in the public schools. Bill Rieger has a conservative record on the homosexual issue, so he seems to be a third choice, but I have been unable to get any more information on him, on how he stands fiscally, and on teaching alternative methods of origin. You will only be able to vote for three candidates, but can of course vote for only two. Its up to you. I hope to be able to get more information posted here on who wins the primary, and if I get more on Bill Rieger, I will post that also.

For superintendent of public instruction, I have not been able to get anything firmed down, but at this point I plan on endorsing Greg Underheim. He is the one being endorsed by other bloggers I trust. I will post more as I find out more. Vote!

Making wood.

Well, you may say, only God can make wood. Yes, that is true, but around here we call cutting up wood for burning making wood. That is what we did yesterday, we made wood. Around here many house are heated with wood, including our own. The Olsons, our neighbors who we get all our wood from, heat their house on a "hand to mouth" basis, the cut wood as they need it. They have a huge outdoor furnace, which they use to heat their house and shed. They probably burn over a face cord a week. We get all our wood from their woods, and in return we help them cut wood a winter. It is fun to be able to get away from your school, and learn the neighborhood news, as well as do something useful. We always enjoy making wood!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Back from D.C.

Well, I have been back from D.C. for nearly a week, but because of my busy schedule I have not found time to blog. Our trip to D.C. was a blast. We could have spent a month there! There was so much to see and do! We barely skimmed most of the Museums! The air and space was a lot of fun, and so was the museum of American History. The Museum of Natural History, had a very nice insect display, and insect collection, but had WAY too many evolutionary displays. I would suggest both. The Museum of Natural History, had a very nice insect display, and insect collection, but had WAY too many evolutionary displays. The Holocaust Museum was very somber, and informative, a good one to go to once. The postal Museum was both fun and informative. Arlington Cemetery was amazing to see, especially the changing of the guard, in the snow. I would not suggest the American Indian Museum, as it was a bare museum. I would have liked to see the Air and Space Museum's hanger, but we were unable to due to not enough time. I also had a blast at the Inauguration. The security was amazing! We were in the Yellow standing area, and so we weren't to close to the president (about 1/3 mile from him). We were at least able to see him (well, kind of), and be able to say we were at the event. We were privileged enough to get a free tour of the capitol, given by a staffer of senator Kohl’s office. It was a fun tour, and had a lot of history to it too! We also had the privilege to join nearly 100,000 others in the 32nd March for Life. On the way home we went by Gettysburg, which we could have spent days at also. I need to thank the Stinnetts for kindly hosting us in Maryland, close enough to D.C. to drive every day. Over all, our trip was VERY enjoyable! I would suggest a trip out there, to anyone who is a US citizen!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Gone to D.C.

Well, I just thought to tell you that I am heading down to D.C. for ten days on Monday. It will be a great experience, as it will be a first for me. I think it is good to visit your capitol! I'll tell you all about it when I come back! So long for twelve days!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh for an old-fasioned winter!

Do any of you remember the days when snow used to pile up to the tops of power lines, or you couldn't get into town as the roads were full of snow, or you got blizzards and 20 below for weeks in a row? Or how about the years when horse and sleigh was the fastest way about due to the amount of snow? How I wish we could have winters like that again! Yes I know the power lines were shorter then, also the roads were not as well designed, and those stories about such cold and blizzards did get a little exaggerated, but the winters used to be harsher! How I wish we could get some 4 feet of snow and a good, cold, long winter!!!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Yesterday my family and I went down to Madison to see our state senator, Sheila Hardsdorf get sworn in. That was a lot of fun! Actually it was the first time any of my family had been down to see the capital, so we made a day of it. While we were down there we took a tour of the capitol, and visited our stare representative, Andy Lamb. We also saw and got to shake hands with our terribly liberal Governor, James Doyle. One interesting fact about our capitol building is it has the 4th largest dome in the world (measured by volume)and it was built in the early 1900s with marble from six different countries, some of which is irreplaceable owing to its value. It was a great experience which all of us enjoyed! We now look forward to our trip to Washington D.C. later this winter.