Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo dies

Terri Schiavo has just died. This case at its best is suicide, and at the worst MURDER. I know this may sound extreme, but there are still possibilities of abuse by Michael Schiavo.


Anonymous said...

Michael Shiavo is a monster and to hear his attorney say he was mourning made me have to throw-up.

If he wasn't a monster and just following her wishes, what does he
think her wishes would be about her
family being denied to be with her
when she died or attending her Memorial service???????????????????

Piercing said...

Here is what i would never understand.
Bush started the war agains Iraq and most of US supported it. Do you know how many children died?

But hey, I can understand when US saying enough is enough and starts the war.

The same here: 15 years in a coma is enough....

Peter Pillman said...

I am never for death. I consider every death a sad thing, but there are times when it is necessary for lives to be lost to protect other lives. That is what I see happening in Iraq. (Sadam murdered thousands of lives a year) There also is a difference between starving a human life when food is available and a time of war with accidental civilian deaths. I would consider the two unrelated.