Monday, March 07, 2005

Attack on life in Michigan

The Michigan life definition act is under fire by the courts. Thankfully, this act which calls a baby a person as soon as any part of it is out of the mother's body, has a good chance of standing up to the courts, because it does not make abortion illegal, but just defines when a person becomes a person. This does prevent partial birth abortions, causing Planned Parenthood (Planned BARENhood) to say it may endanger the life of the mother. Now, what about the young mother's (the baby being aborted, in the case of it being a girl) life, why don't they ever think of that?

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jb6635 said...

To me, to have an abortion is wrong. The child has the right to be born and be a member of the world. To me, if you take a life you should be lock up.