Monday, March 07, 2005

Letting felons vote?

Hillary Clinton and John Kerry want to pass a law to let felons vote! This is atrocious, and blatantly against the 2nd section of the 14th amendment. (View here) There does appear to be arterial motives for this legislation, though. Poles have shown that felons overwhelmingly vote democratic in elections. Wonder why they are proposing this? Now, if they let felons vote, will they also allow them to own arms?

View the article on this at Opinion Journal and Wild Wisconsin
Hat tip: Wild Wisconsin and Opinion Journal

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jb6635 said...

Government officals have a social responsibility to their constituencies. I agree that allowing felons to vote is a bad idea. If they should vote, why not fight for their civil liberties by enlisting for active duty. Maybe Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are looking at it as government philanthropy.