Friday, February 18, 2005

Back-door taxing!

Here in Wisconsin we are going through some backdate taxing! Our spend (democratic) governor, Doyle, is raising the fees! He is raising vehicle registration fees, fishing fees, and nearly all hunting fees by substantial amounts! He said on his campaign trail that he would not raise taxes, but now he is doing backdate taxes, raising the fees, and using the extra money those departments make to fund all his programs! I think we as blogs must bring this to the forefront! I think we need to keep the governor accountable to the words he says, and not let him get away with raising fees to fund his programs! I say, a tax by any other name still smells sour! (pun intended!) All taxes give government too much control! Our government has put its dirty hands into to many bags, giving it improper control! More or expanded government programs spell trouble!

Here is a .pdf link to Doyle's plan for increased hunting and fishing fees. (view as HTML)

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