Saturday, February 12, 2005

Non-partisan Primary!

There is a school board and superintendent of public instruction primary this Tuesday, February 15th. Make sure you vote! There are eight candidates running for school board, and it will have to whittled down to six. There seem to be only two of the three incumbants running. I know I can endorse Mike cad, and Tom Jorgensen. I have talked with both, and both are strongly for lower taxes, and pinching pennies, as well as open to teaching alternative methods of origin in the public schools. Bill Rieger has a conservative record on the homosexual issue, so he seems to be a third choice, but I have been unable to get any more information on him, on how he stands fiscally, and on teaching alternative methods of origin. You will only be able to vote for three candidates, but can of course vote for only two. Its up to you. I hope to be able to get more information posted here on who wins the primary, and if I get more on Bill Rieger, I will post that also.

For superintendent of public instruction, I have not been able to get anything firmed down, but at this point I plan on endorsing Greg Underheim. He is the one being endorsed by other bloggers I trust. I will post more as I find out more. Vote!

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