Monday, May 15, 2006

It's me again!

Yes, I'm back. School is starting to wind down, but the summer is starting to gain momentum too! I hope to be able to post some as I find or make the time.

I'll give you a quick update on my life.

Other than school, I haven't been up to much. Over the Easter break, I went caving with my siblings, and couple of friends. The weekends have been the highlight of my life, recently, with my oldest brother (Justo) off work, and my sister and brother back from the Bible School they are studying at. The recent return of my brother (Lucas, of Wild Wisconsin) from Ecuador has also been a blessing. Over the early spring we got our house re-sided. It is now a blue color. The winter passed without incident, and I am here safe and sound to welcome in the spring.

Thanks again for bearing with me, through my long inactivity!

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