Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Deer hunting

Well, that is what I'm up to these days. I got one on Saturday-- a 100+lb nubbin buck. Although my Bro also got a deer on Monday, we still need a few more in the freezer to last us the year! I'm going out again Wednesday, with a few brothers and neighbors. Hopefully we can get something.

I heard a joke today relating to deer hunting. It was told by an Irish, so take it in context.

"I was driving through Wisconsin on the weekend before Thanksgiving. As I was driving, I was seeing all these men out in the fields wearing orange. With my ancestry in the back of my head, I remarked to myself, 'My this sure is a protestant area!'"
OK, you have to be Irish or Swedish to get this one. Instead of wearing green on St Patrick's Day, it is traditional for the Protestant Swedes (in protest to the Irish, and also to remember the Prince of Orange) to wear orange.

Well, for all the rest of you going hunting, have fun!

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