Friday, October 19, 2007

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " 08

I know this is only 07, but they way everyone is talking about it these days, one would imagine it were October 08! The small difference being there 6 people being talked about instead of 2. I have to say I still have not seen a candidate stand out yet on either side. The democrats are totally out. There is not a single democrat who has even the life issue correct. That said I don't need to go further to discuss their stands.

On the Republican side, there are quite a few who will claim to be pro-life, in fact all of the leading candidates claim to be against abortion, at least in some way. Giuliani and Romney, both, have very week anti-abortion stands. Both want to leave rape, incest and "health" of the mother loopholes for abortions to happen, which is really not outlawing it at all, as the "health" of the mother loophole is what brought us to the infanticide we are daily committing. (See their respective Issues pages: Giuliani Romney)

John McCain is a mystical subject. Presently he is touting his "pro-life" stands, (see his Issues page on abortion) but he also has long held to the rape, incest, and "life" of the mother clauses. I see him as another bomb-out for the pro-life cause. (See this interesting article by the ultra-liberal blog Think Process trying to say he is "right-winged" they bring out his flimsy anti-abortion stands) Also McCain has shown by his infamous "McCain-Feingold" bill that he has a loose interpretation of the Constitution, and with such would not appoint strict constitutionalist judges, which is crucial for the pro-life cause.

So what does all this leave us? One, nay two top tier candidates. You may know Fred Thompson, and I will next address his stands, but let me first introduce you to the newest candidate who in every way except funding is proving himself a "top-tier" candidate, Mike Huckabee.

For now I will address Fred Thompson's life stands. One thing that concerns me is his seeming lack of care for the issue. He never directly states his opinion on his issues or principles page, unlike every other Republican Presidential candidate, including Giuliani who all directly address the issue. Fred's site does briefly mention "the sanctity of life" and not appointing judges who promote a "culture of abortion." Other than this strange neglect, Thompson seems to be pretty solid on the abortion issue, and the marriage issue. Some concerns have come up more recently, including "not recalling" Terri Schiavo. A little disconcerting, especially seeing the publicity that case received. With that said, I still think I could support Thompson if he received the Republican nomination.

Now concerning Mike Huckabee, His stand on life is solid, he would support a federal gay marriage amendment, and has solid 2nd amendment stands, including holding a conceal and carry permit! Although I am not sure if marriage is a federal issue, I do appreciate his willingness to be that strong on Marriage. I greatly appreciate his boldness to support a Constitutional amendment to outlaw all abortions. I believe that abortions are prohibited by the Constitution in the first place, but because of activist judges, it is now necessary to directly state it.

With all this said, my support goes toward Mike Huckabee. I believe he has the executive experience and the proper stands on issues to lead our country in a righteous way. His leadership is phenomenal considering the strong marriage amendment and tax cuts he passed in his state while governor, even with a democratic legislature! As far as funding goes, I believe the only reason he is lacking funding is because number 1: he doesn't have excessive personal wealth, and number 2: he has not received a universal "top-tier" designation yet. I believe that he is the best man to win the election.

Go Mike Huckabee!

Update: Mike Huckabee has now passed Mitt Romney in the last two polls by Rasmussen Reports.

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