Thursday, February 07, 2008

Huckabee vs. McCain

Alright, so right now McCain is the front runner. Romney has virtually dropped out, but done in a way that hurts Huckabee the most, by retaining his delegates. I wish I could be excited about how this is turning out, but at this point I can't. I am deeply saddened that the conservatives have not been able to position themselves behind a candidate. While Huckabee just received the endorsement of a solidly conservative leader, Dr. Dobson, McCain just received the support of an organization on the other end of the spectrum, Republicans for Choice! Ouch, McCain!

Again, I see again why I have supported Huckabee through good times, and rough. We need to give him the momentum he needs to finish this primary as the man of the hour. I realize he has a severe uphill battle to fight, but we need a candidate for President of the United States who can stand up for the life of the unborn! We need Mike Huckabee for President!


James A. N. Stauffer said...

When his answer to every problem seems to be "bigger government" I can't get excited about supporting Huckabee. Now someone who can really get me excited is Ron Paul!

Peter said...

Hey James, nice to know I'm not the only one reading my blog.

As far as Ron Paul goes, I agree that some of his ideas on small government are nice. I think our government is far to large right now. Huckabee is not to the point I would like to see him fiscally, but there is no perfect candidate. I consider him basically as good (or maybe as bad) as any of the other mainstream candidates (of course other than Ron Paul, who I will address in a moment) on fiscal issues.

Where Ron Paul doesn't get it is 1. Foreign Policy, 2. Immigration, and 3. Protecting life. I can give you my points on each, but here I will only give the points on protecting life, as it is the issue that I consider most crucial.

In the 14th Amendment, life is guaranteed as an inalienable right. Right now the federal government not only allows the destroying of life, but also encourages it in certain programs. We not only need to overturn Roe vs. Wade, but we also must pass a Federal amendment to protect life to guarantee the unborn child's life is never in danger again. It is here I disagree strongly with Paul, as I do with many of the other Presidential Candidates. Ron Paul would oppose a federal amendment to the Constitution to ban all abortions, and embryonic stem-cell research. In fact, Ron Paul believes that the taking of a human life in embryonic stem cell research should be dictated by the market, not by the government. Now I am not against adult stem cell research, as it does not take a life of a person. In fact I think adult stem cell research has much promise, while even scientist agree that embryonic stem cells only have reached dead ends.

If there is any one thing a national government should do, it should protect the life of every American, be they embryos or 100 years old.

For those of you who would like more information on this, I have a more extensive article with sources noted.