Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Technically Shopping

Yesterday morning, I was passing by my sister's room, and I noticed that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I thought that was awfully strange, seeing I knew she was supposed to be looking for sandals to buy. (I'd never seen her find browsing the web for good deals to be so much fun.) Well, I just had to check and see what the fun was about (you know, maybe she had found some funny you-tube video or something). Well, here I came in, and all she was doing was shopping for these high priced sandals. ($75 for a pair of flip-flops??!! no that wasn't what she bought, but that was the pricing on some of these items!) Well, soon I realized it was a technical shopping trip!

Here she was talking on the phone with g-talking with her friend, and shopping the same sites, sending links back and forth, with one of her friends, while both were looking for the good deals, and the preferred styles! No wonder they were having a blast.*

As you can guess the conversation wasn't only about the flimsy little rubber and canvas cut-outs to protect the soles of their feet, it also included talk about hair cuts and other stuff. Here are a couple excerpts from their chat:

(identities masked, spelling original, some punctuation and capitals added for readability)
Girl 1: I like yours for ease of putting on, I think I might get two, a hiking kind and a Zong
Girl 2: oh but for hiking get one with a back strap
Girl 1: right
Girl 2: are you getting them from Endless?
Girl 1: I think so
Girl 2: I am thinking of getting another one too... someday
Girl 1: I was up a Sheels and they didn't have any
Girl 2: yeah, well then don't give them your business :-P
So are you getting the around the toe sandal for hiking?

And later in the conversation:

Girl 1: I kind of like the wide strap, they have black and the "finish line" in my size
Girl 2: I mean, if you're going to pay $70+ for shoes, make them look like $70 shoes :P
Girl 1: LOL
Girl 2: I can wear pink and tan shoes with practically everything
Girl 1: do you think the narrow bands will be harder to put on?

Ok, you get the idea. All this got me to thinking up a new phrase, "technically shopping together." Not only are they using technological advances to shop at the same "place" though miles apart, but "technically" they are shopping together since they are also simultaneously chit-chatting together and showing the other which things they are looking at. (hey, maybe a firefox addon could be invented to help them out) Not that I plan on trying out this novel mode of shopping, but I did think they were pretty ingenious figuring out a way to shop though about 400 miles apart! (you know necessity is the mother of invention!)

*Now shopping is not my cup-of-tea, but I suppose it makes it a bit more palatable when it is done with someone else, especially if the other person is footing the bill! :-P, and no, don't use the Green Eggs and Ham logic on me, I've tried it here and there, in a house, and with a mouse etc... and I still only do it only out of necessity!

Disclaimer: I do not endorse nor recommend any activities listed here, and thus cannot be held responsible for all hours wasted doing the afore mentioned activities! Also, due to limited sample size, I do not pretend to know if the above mentioned activities will be as enjoyable to shopping lovers as other types of shopping. Try at your own risk!
Not recommended for those who do not enjoy other forms of shopping!

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Coeur d'Court said...

The Virtual Shopping trip sounded very productive. I'm sure Girl 1 will certainly enjoy her new footware... especially since one pair is identical to Girl 2's very own pair of sandals. How FUN!

A well written and accurate documentation, Mr. Peter Pillman.