Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ecuador Bound!

So, yes my blog has suffered from gross neglect recently, and really don't expect it to be suddenly revitalized now. (If you haven't noticed, I do keep my "News I Note" sidebar updated, though)

However, despite the quite on the blog, the Lord has been working in exciting ways in my life, guiding and directing me in ways I sure didn't expect. Yes, I am Ecuador bound. In fact I have tickets bought to leave this coming Friday, the 5th of February! Lord willing I will be in Ecuador about 3 months, learning the language and encouraging and helping out the home-schoolers there. I will be joining my brother Justo, who has already spent the majority of his last year-and-a-half in Ecuador. (Check out his blog) His focus has been helping to establish a few families as they brave the home-school frontier in Ecuador, as well as encouraging and working with the youth in the Paz de Dios (Peace of God) Church. 

I hope to be able to give you some updates during my time in Ecuador. However, be sure to follow my bro's blog for pictures of my activities! I really appreciate the verbal and prayer support that so many of you have given me over the years, and now all the more as I head down into Ecuador! Feel free to contact me personally for specifics on my ministry. 

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