Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lance Corporal

Yes, that is the rank of David now. He got meritoriously promoted in School of Infantry. School of Infantry went very well, although, he did not score as well on his PFT as he would have liked.

The run was 3.5 miles and very hilly instead of the 3 miles it is supposed to be, and the times were still the same. He managed just over 18 minutes, so not quite perfect there. His chin-ups went the worst. Three days before doing his PFT he gave blood, and in the process the technician hit the nerve in his arm causing his arm to swell up, and giving him pain for about a week, so it was difficult to do his chin-ups. Also they were a lot stricter on the chin-ups. They didn't allow ANY movement of legs during the time, and were very sticky on locking the arms. He was a little short on his crunches too. He only ended up with a 265 PFT, which was disappointing.

David traveled out to Chesapeake Virgina to MCSFS (Marine Corps Security Forces School), but due to a backlog on the classes, they gave him 12 days of recruiter's assistance. He didn't tell us this was happening, so he got to surprise us by showing up at our door. It was fun having him here for those days. His Recruiter's assistance ended up being over his birthday, so that was nice, especially after he missed almost all the rest of our birthdays, and Christmas as well.

Right now he is back in Virginia starting the 6 week MCSFS course on the 12th. He has weekends and evenings off, so we can be in phone contact with him.

1. Pray that David can excel in the studying part of the Marines as he has in the Physical Part.

2. Pray that he can find a good church fellowship.

3. Pray that he can make it to Lucas' graduation. It would be the first time our whole family has been together since Christmas 2006. It is very unlikely, as David only has a week to request it, and normally a graduation is not considered a good reason to go outside the 100-mile radius they are required to stay within.

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