Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring? maybe not

So what is this? I look at my thermometer every morning as I get up, and most mornings the first number greeting my eye is a 3 or a 4, followed by another digit. As the morning takes its leave, and day comes in to take its place, I glance at my thermometer again, now a 5 is the first digit to grace the face of my thermometer. (well, ok, better than a 3 or 4, but still not what I would expect in the last days of May!) Then as the sun lowers in the western sky, sometimes I have seen a 6, and a few times a 7, and once, ok maybe twice this year, an 8.

It is good we are experiencing global warming, otherwise we'd be still getting snow! We need to try hard to get some more global warming, so pollute, pollute, pollute! Well, ok, maybe I shouldn't go that far, perhaps, we aren't experiencing global warming at all. Maybe this is all just a part of God's weather cycles.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to prevent pollution, I think that most people have gone far overboard. God commands us to take care of the earth, but when we start killing people to "save the earth," or hurting people, maybe we have gone to far!

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