Monday, May 12, 2008


So what does a²=b²+c²-2bcCosA have in common with a daisy? They are both beautiful creations of God. While you may debate me on one or both previous mentioned items being beautiful, I can find many people to support me on both. God as the creator of the universe, also created the laws to make it function smoothly. These laws include all mathematical concepts that scientist have discovered. Did you know that flowers also follow mathematical order? The spiral pattern the sees of a sunflower line up in, the number of petals on most flowers, and many other patterns in nature all line up with the Fibonacci numbers. (See this article for more info) Isn’t our God of order wonderful?

So, the next time you use math— whether it is to figure out change at a store, the proportions on a recipe, the number of bales on a hay wagon, or in your school (or to try and depict a relationship?)— and the next time you draw that blossom to your nose, just remember the one who created them, and thank Him for His wonderful design, his wonderful order, and his wonderful Creation!

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